More Secure Online-Shopping

More Secure Online-Shopping

What is it?

Verified by Visa, a new service introduced by Visa International, is a secure and easy-to-use service which gives you extra protection when you pay online.

Why is it more secure?

Extra protection with password
When you shop at, you enter your personal password in the same way you would enter your PIN at an ATM. It means that only you can use your Visa Card online, giving you the same assurances you have when you use your card in a physical store. (You don't need any special software)

Extra protection with Personal Assurance Message
When you register Verified by Visa service, you are asked to create your own Personal Assurance Message (PAM). Everytime you pay online, remember to check your PAM before you enter your password to ensure that you are dealing with your Card Issuer.

How does it work?

1. First of all, go to your Card Issuer's Verified by Visa secure registration web page
2. Enter your existing Visa Card details as requested.
3. Create your PAM and personal password (once registered, you can use this password each time you make a purchase)
4. at our website with Verified by Visa
5. Select VISA as the payment method * and enter the Card details
6. Wait for the authentication screen...
7. Look for your PAM to make sure you are dealing with your Card Issuer.
8. Enter and submit your Verified by Visa password to authorize the transaction and complete your purchase.
9. On average, the Verified by Visa process adds the total transaction time longer. Please be patient and don't close the pop-up verify window.

Read more details and see a demo|/personal/security/index%2Ehtml|/img/gold_arrow%2Egif


If your bank is not providing this service, the payment process will not be affected. Please check with your card issuer bank to know more about the service.

Now that's online shopping made secure and simple! If you have encountered any problem during the payment process, please contact us .