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Iteam Code:IBM2978
IBM 81Y2432 371-4676 battery replacement for battery 59Y5260 DS5020 81Y2432 Backup Unit 1.1Ah 7.26Wh

Description:  Lithium Ion   6.6VDC    1.4Ah-7.26WH

Price:  NZ $:343.19          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2539
IBM P36539-06-A battery replacement for IBM 59Y5260 DS5020 New Battery 81Y2432 371-4676

Description:  Li-ion   6.6VDC    1.1AH 7.26WH

Price:  NZ $:316.79          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2465
IBM 41Y0679 battery replacement for 41Y0679 IBM BATTERY BACKUP UNIT DS4700/DS4200 13695-05 / 13695-07

Description:  Li-ion      

Price:  NZ $:263.99          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:EPBM064_001
IBM 42T4511 92P1133 92P1141 battery replacement for IBM ThinkPad R60 R60e R61 Z60e Series

Description:  Li-ion   10.8V    5200mah

Price:  NZ $:112.19          Availability: Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Iteam Code:EPBM052_001
IBM ASM 42T5265 FRU 42T5262 FRU 42T5264 battery replacement for IBM LENOVO ThinkPad R400 R61 T400 T61

Description:  Li-ion   10.8V    4400mAh

Price:  NZ $:84.48          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2726
IBM 42T4235 42T4733 battery replacement for ThinkPad Edge 0578-47B ThinkPad SL510 2847 ThinkPad SL510 2875

Description:  Li-ion   14.4V    32WH

Price:  NZ $:104.28          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2638
IBM DS3500 DS3512 battery replacement for IBM SYSTEM STORAGE DS3500 DS3512 DS3524

Description:  Li-ion   6.6V    7.26wh

Price:  NZ $:409.19          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2608
IBM LSIiBBU08 battery replacement for M5014 M5015 9260-8i 9280-8i

Description:  Li-ion   3.7V    1.59ah/5.9wh

Price:  NZ $:112.20          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2561
IBM 40Y6799 battery replacement for BATTERY IBM LENOVO Thinkpad T500 W500 SL300 SL400 SL500

Description:  Li-ion   14.4V    37.4WH

Price:  NZ $:112.20          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:IBM2419
IBM 39R6519 39R6520 42C2193 battery replacement for IBM DS3200 DS3300 DS3400 Series

Description:  Li-ion   2.5V    6.6AH;400ma;24.4wh

Price:  NZ $:250.79          Availability: On Sale
Total 66 Items   Displaying 10 items perpage              1 2  3  4  5  ... 7   Next 

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