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Iteam Code:SAM2510
SAMSUNG AA-PLVN8NP battery replacement for Samsung ATIV Book 8 Touch NP880Z5E-X01

Description:  li-ion   15.1V    6050MAH/91WH

Price:  NZ $:117.14          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:SAM2315
SAMSUNG AA-PLZN4NP battery replacement for Samsung ATIV PRO XQ700T1C XQ700T1C-A52 XE700T1A

Description:  li-ion       49wh/6540mah

Price:  NZ $:110.54          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:SAM2854
SAMSUNG P21GK3 battery replacement for SAMSUNG SDI 21CP4/106/96 P21GK3

Description:  Li-ion   7.4V    4120mah/31.5WH

Price:  NZ $:55.44          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:EPSS036_001
SAMSUNG AA-PB0TC4B AA-PL0TC6W battery replacement for SAMSUNG NP-N310  NP-X120 NT-X118 Series

Description:  Li-ion   7.4V    48WH/7800MAH

Price:  NZ $:101.05          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:EPSS035_001
SAMSUNG AA-PL0TC6T AA-PL0TC6W/E battery replacement for SAMSUNG NP-N310 NP-X120  NP-NC310 NP-N315 Series

Description:  Li-ion   7.4V    29wh

Price:  NZ $:101.64          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:EPSS026_001
SAMSUNG AA-PL0NC8G/E battery replacement for SAMSUNG X22-A008 X22-A009 X22-A00A X22-A00B X22-A00C X22-A00H

Description:  Li-ion   14.8V    5200mAh

Price:  NZ $:118.80          Availability: Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Iteam Code:EPSS022_001
SAMSUNG AA-PB4NC6B AA-PB4NC6B/E  battery replacement for SAMSUNG NP R45,R60,R65,X60,X65 series

Description:  Li-ion    11.1V    7800mAh

Price:  NZ $:92.40          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:SAM2995
SAMSUNG SP368487A(1S2P) battery replacement for Samsung GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9

Description:  Li-ion   3.7V    6100mAh

Price:  NZ $:33.00          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:SAM2941
SAMSUNG AA-PLZN4NP 1588-3366 battery replacement for Samsung ATIV PRO (XQ700T1C-A52) Series

Description:  Li-ion   7.5V    49WH

Price:  NZ $:130.68          Availability: On Sale
Iteam Code:SAM2937
SAMSUNG AA-PBXN4AR 1588-3366 battery replacement for SAMSUNG AA-PBXN4AR Series

Description:  Li-ion   7.4V    40WH

Price:  NZ $:135.96          Availability: On Sale
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